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Washing and Cleaning Tips…

  • When washing your car, use a car wash solution (not liquid dish soap) and generous amounts of water. Car wash solutions are designed to be gentle on today's high-tech finishes to avoid scratching and swirling.

  • Wash your car in a shaded area to avoid spotting by a quick drying sun.

  • Avoid scratching the vehicle’s as much as possible. Dirt, road grime and bugs can damage a finish by being rubbed into surface while washing or drying.
    Use only the softest materials, like Detailn’Gear® 100% Cotton Terry Towels or Microfiber Cloths, to wash your car and rinse them often to remove anything that they may have picked up or trapped.

  • Use your favorite glass cleaner and Microfiber Glass Cloths to clean windshields and mirrors. Do not use paper towels, they will leave lint and streak, often leaving dirt and road grime behind.

  • When cleaning the interior of your car, only use cleaning compounds designed for use in your car. Always test new products in inconspicuous spots just incase they react adversely to expectations.

  • Use Microfiber cloths/products to dust your dash, seats, console and more. Microfiber's inherent properties make it the best choice for thorough detailing or in between cleaning and dusting.

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