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Drying Tips…

  • Dry the surface of your car using a soft terry cloth, Microfiber cloth, Genuine Sheepskin Chamois or synthetic drying cloth. Make sure cloth or chamois is free of debris or dirt that may be harmful to your car's finish.

  • Dry you car in a shaded area away from direct sunlight. Doing so will help eliminate spotting and streaking.

  • Natural Sheepskin Chamois and many synthetic drying cloths require you to dampen the skin/cloth prior to use. Read use instructions prior to use.

  • Beware of imitation Chamois. Imitations will not dry your car properly plus they may actually damage it too. Chamois are to have the following traits and if they do not, they are not Genuine Chamois.
    1. Chamois' are tanned using marine or fish oil, (most often cod oil), and therefore will have a "fishy" smell.
    2. Natural Chamois' are naturally colored.  Imitations will bleed and possibly damage the car's surface.
    3. Natural Chamois' are sueded on front and back. One side should not be more coarse than the other.

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